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Bottlenose Dolphins - Pic by Greg De Valle

General Diving Info

Sodwana Bay is a Marine Protected area, located within a World Heritage site and and therefore rules are anforced to keep our stunning reefs in pristine conditions.

Dive permits

Dept of Environmental Affairs & Tourism (DEAT) require all divers in Marine protected areas  to have dive permits.

Permits can be obtained from any Post Office for R85.00 for a year, monthly permits are also available for R45.

The Mbazwana post office is not a pleasant experience so we highly recommend that you get your permits prior to leaving home.

**NOTE: The Post Office is closed on Sundays & Public holidays

Marine Reserve


Sodwana Bay is located in a Marine Protected area and as such certain rules apply.

No gloves may be used, no touching the reef or harrassing any marine life. You will be thuroughly briefed by your dive operator.


Click here to read more about Marine protected areas


Surf Launch


The general dive procedure in Sodwana involves getting fully kitted up on the beach, the Divemaster then does a briefing and you launch out through the surf on a 7-8m semi rigid rubber duck.

It can be very exciting but please make sure you have your lifejacket on and hold on tight! You will be fully briefed by your skipper. The closest dive sites are only 2 minutes drive from the launch site while the drive to 9 mile can take about 30 minutes, depending on the conditions. It is a beautiful trip & you have a good chance of seeing dolphins, mantas, whales or whalesharks on your way.


Further Reef Surcharge


Dive prices generally apply to dives on 2 Mile reef. When conditions & diver qualifications allow operators will take you to the further reefs - 5, 7 & 9 Mile. Please be aware that there is a surcharge for dives to further reefs, please confirm this with your operator to avoid any unexpected surprise!


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