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Depth 8-18m

2 Mile Reef

Located just a couple of minutes boat ride from the launch site, 2 Mile is one of the most popular reefs to dive in Sodwana.

Stretching for over 1.8km long and almost 900 metres wide in places, it is a vast reef complex and has a variety of different sites & something to offer everyone - beautiful and varied topography ranges from pinnacles to swim throughs, rocky outcroppings, large sand patches and caves. The many dive sites lie adjacent to one another, so when there is a current you can often cover multiple sites in one drift dive. It is so vast and the routes so varied that no matter how often you dive 2 Mile you will still find new places & discover amazing new sections of this reef.

The outer edge of 2 Mile gradually drops deeper and this area is known as Sponge reef, Deep sponge is a popular dive site at 32 metres.

​Some of the fish you can expect to see include potato bass, snapper, trumpetfish, angelfish, frogfish, surgeonfish, clownfish, moray eels, shrimp, nudibranchs.....and MANY more. Below are some of the main dive sites located on 2 Mile Reef.

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