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Beach driving

Beach driving is currently only permitted on weekends and during government school holidays, as it is only allowed in order to ease the pressure when the car parks are full.

You need to obtain a permit to drive on the beach.

Only 200 permits are issued per day - free of charge & they cannot be pre-booked.

Out of season permits are available from the park entrance gate. During peak season they are generally issued from 5am at 2 separate locations. Please confirm at the gate exactly where the permits are being issued.

1-The soccer field for guests out staying outside of the park

2- The Parks Board offices for those staying inside the park 

*** PLEASE NOTE the beach is sometimes closed at the discretion of park management due to other conditions - high tides, erosion of sand, turtle nests etc


15 years ago beach driving across South Africa’s coastline was banned.  The Minister of Environmental Affairs gave a special concession to allow recreational beach parking for up to 200 vehicles at Sodwana Bay but only in peak seasons as the parking lot does not have the capacity to handle all the cars

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